“I believe that this technology could be transformational for our project and potentially the entire sector. Once proven, it will be a step-change for processing all suitable magnetite ore, not just ore from Razorback,”

Mr Peter Schubert, Executive Chairman.

  • Exclusive use of Ore Sorting Technology

    Magnetite Mines has an agreement in place with ore sorting technology company NextOre. The Agreement grants Magnetite Mines exclusive use of NextOre’s leading-edge Magnetic Resonance ore sorting technology for pre-concentration of magnetite and iron ore projects. The terms of the agreement include exclusive use of any magnetite processing applications Australia-wide, including all iron ore application in the Braemar for a period of 4 years.

    NextOre is a joint venture between CSIRO, RFC Ambrian, and Advisian Digital formed for the purpose of deploying innovative technologies into the mining and minerals processing sector. NextOre’s Magnetic Resonance (MR) ore sorting technology is the unparalleled leader in mineral sensing technology. Fitting over industry standard conveyor belts, the MR sensor provides near-instantaneous whole-of-ore grade estimates.  These highly accurate, real-time measurements allow operations to divert waste material, resulting in higher grade and lower tonnage mill feed. NextOre’s industry-leading technology provides measurable efficiency improvements allowing mining companies to take a leap forward in environmental sustainability, site consumption, and unit costs.